Fascia’s Chocolates is happy to offer a wide range of fundraising opportunities for nonprofits.
We don’t have a “canned” program and prefer to tailor the individual campaign to what will work best for the organization.

Generally, the opportunities fall into the following categories:

  1. Sales of Seasonal and/or Regular Products – Receive a personalized catalog and order form (if many people are involved) or sample pieces (if everyone comes to a single place or event) and place a master order which we fill in a weeks time. We can do this with seasonal items like Caramel Apples, holiday specific focus or everyday products. One advantage to this program is that a range of price levels can be offered.  
  2. Sales of Custom/Personalized Boxes –  Sell an assorted box of chocolates with your organization’s name, logo or message on it.  Click Here for more info.
  3. Commissions on Sales Driven to Fascia’s – We’ll designate a special shopping period for your organization and return a % of what is sold. 
  4. *Coming Soon* Sales of Personalized Chocolate Bars – Design your own wrapper and Fascia’s will wrap our standard bar with it for the organization to sell.
  5. Wine Pairing participation – Click Here for more info.

Samples of customized Catalog, Order Form, & Master Sheet:



For more information, please see our Fundraising FAQ.